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Bleenk it!

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Bleenk it!

Bleenkers, today we bring you a selection of high heel accessories.

An high heel never has to be just an high heel, and if in some cases it is unthinkable to add anything at all - be it because they were too expensive and you want to keep them as nice and clean as possible or simply because they are just perfect and already have everything they need – in others there is always room for a small personal touch.

We all have a simple, plain, monochromatic pair of high heels, and don’t get us wrong, we love them, they are beautiful, simple and serve their purpose! But sometimes accessories can make all the difference, making those heels more fitting for a special occasion or look, or simply just to multiply our options, giving the same pair of heels a completely different style.

When it comes to high heels accessories you have different kinds that serve different purposes. Let’s divide them in three different categories: protection, customize and protection and customize.


Everyone who wears high heels frequently knows the frustration of having damaged heels. Brand new, used, on the first or hundredth time of being used, the heartbreak is always the same. Nowadays there are different kinds of protectors available, not to sink your heels on the grass, giving them a bigger area to stand on or to protect them from scratches. 

To prevent them from sinking in the grass there are brands like Manolitos and Solemates. These products are most of the times transparent so you can wear them with all heels.

To prevent them from scratching you have Bleenk, where you can choose different colours to match your high heels.

Some bigger options cover the entire back part of your heels like these ones on Etsy.

A few years ago, Portuguese Shoe Designer, Luís Onofre, even paired up with Renault and made a special edition for the Renault Twingo with an adapter for the heels to give you a bigger area of support when driving than the standard stiletto.


There are all kinds of accessories to customize your high heels, metallic chains, colourful additions with or without glitter, clip ons with gems. All types of accessories for all tastes and at different price range. At Bleenk we have a wide variety of colours and patterns, with and without glitter to wear with your high heels. If you really want the bling, you can also find jewellery pieces at brands like Maison Ernest or FrouzFrouz.


Protection and costumize:

On this category it is mandatory to talk about Bleenk because it really is the only one in the market who delivers both. The Bleenk is made in a super resistant material and adaptable enough to cover your high heels without ruin the classic stiletto silhouette and design. Protects the high heel and allows you to be bold on the colours, patterns and combinations – so that your high heel matches with you!

As you can see, the options are endless. Set your imagination free, protect your high heels and have fun.

Bleenk it! 

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