About us


Bleenk was born on a New Year's Eve in 2014, inspired by a pair of already damaged Golden Stilettos.

Anabela Diana Coelho Pinto, the concept creator, was always in love with high heels.

Tired of investing and realizing that after a very short time every shoesheels was damaged in the same place, she decided to put feet on the way, and that's how finaly the idea of Bleenk came out. Bleenk was created with the purpose that it could simultaneously, protect, stylize and repair. A fantastic solution for high heels lovers, who do not need wings to fly.


It got into women's lives in 2015, to give female Stilettos a sublime touch. We're speaking of Bleenk, a unique fashion accessory made for high heels that spreads a unique identity to women's shoes.

Bleenk is a unique fashion accessory, sublime, functional and easy to replace with just one gesture. More than an accessory Bleenk is a brand that aims to be a Love brand and this concept is just built by people totally in love with the concept, the principles and spirit associated with the brand.

Bleenk is more than an accessory, it is a brand with a huge potential for Franchising. Currently, it is on sale in a stand  ofit's own, as well as in several other stores on the 5 continents, with many collections: Partee, Funkee, Artee and Smartee, available in 4 sizes: XS-S-M-L. The "M" is almost universal, adapting to various types and sizes of heels. 

Anabela Diana Coelho Pinto has a path of reconciliation between the commercial and the creative. Despite she engaged in the humanities and with a great passion for fashion, she headed her professional practice towards the administrative area and graduated in Business Administration. After graduation, in 1998 she began her activity in the textile, first as Purchasing Director and later as Commercial Director. Along with these functions she gains experience in customer dialogue and teams coordination, as well as in management of orders with suppliers. In 2009 she startself-employed activity, becoming a textile agent for several foreign brands to companies throughout the Portuguese territory. An enterprising woman who defends that we should all seek the best as people and professionals.

When she conceives the idea for Bleenks, the first concept is the protection and repair of heels. It was not easy to find solutions for damaged shoe heels, and it seemed like a waste having to say goodbye to a pair of beloved shoes just because of a small imperfection. But soon the idea of a protective cover began to reveal other potential. With this application on the heel, women could customize such an intimate and revered fashion parts: Shoes.