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Bleenk Protects

Repair & Personalize!

Bleenk, the solution for High Heels!

High heels are a symbol in every women life. We all have them, or will own a pair at some point in life, at least for that one special occasion. 

But for some woman is more than that, it is a passion. A statement. 

1 or 100 pairs of high heels, we all know how easy they can be damaged. 

And that is the last thing you would want, be it because it is the only pair you have or because from the 100 they are all unique, special and suit different moments. 

Bleenk offers a protection so you never have to worry about your heels. With one simple gesture and in a super durable and ecological material, Bleenk is a must have for your heels.

Bleenk protects and extends your high heels life.

Wear your high heels freely, any and everywhere! 

Bleenk them!

Bleenk Protects

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