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Bleenk Personalize

Protect & Repair!

Be creative! 

Bleenk is the solution to the fashion lover in you!

In one slip, you can customize your heels.

Unleash your creativity and add a Bleenk to your outfit!

Bold, discreet, sassy, colourful... the possibilities are endless, give a new look to your high heels, dress them up and express yourself every day.

Fashion is art, everyone who loves it, knows it. With Bleenk you can re-invent your high heels, make them match or clash with your outfit, make them unique with durable accessories that give a personal touch to your heels without ruin the timeless elegance and silhouette of a stiletto.

Because after all, a high heel is a high heel...but they are YOUR high heels.


Bleenk Personalize

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