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Bleenk Repairs

Protect & Personalize!


Bleenk can repair your damaged high heels at home, Bleenk shoe repair, no more high heels ruined.

Bleenk, repairs your high heels!

Picture this, today is your day, you get up, get ready, face, hair, all perfect.

Today you will conquer the world!

You reach for your shoes just to find them damaged, scratch from that time they got stuck on something.

Now you have to leave the house with a damaged heel, maybe no one will notice, but you did, you know!

And you will waste today, hoping that no one will notice those beautiful heels.

Bleenk was created so this scenario never happens again.

Bleenk will repair those heels in 1 gesture, 1 second, without leaving the house!

As simple and efficient as that, so you can go out the door with the heels you love and wore a thousand times so you can continue to wear them a thousand more.

Bleenk save your high heels so they can last as long as you love them.

Because no woman should part ways with her favourite pair of high heels.

Let’s Bleenk?!




Bleenk Repairs

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