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Time for Shopping (online…)!

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Time for Shopping (online…)!

Let's bring your imagination to the surface: the shops and signs, all the shelves. The stilletos, mules, ankle boots and all the designs on display, the smell of new leather… Yeah, we had to take a rain check on that shopping trip, but as good partners you can count on us, we are here to help you overcome this hard moment! 

Whether you are looking to buy or just window shopping, we, as good lovers of high heels, could not stay away and would not leave you with your mouth watering. Join us on our trip through this compilation, or perhaps, the BEST compilation of high heels and the best brands in this world of stilletos.

- Louboutin

As usual, Christian Louboutin is on this list and would be a crime if he were not. With an extremely sensual design, Louboutins usually measure 10 centimeters, elongating the front of the feet and legs, what differentiates them from the traditional high heels is a very thin heel, in the Bleenk language: perfect XS size.

- Yves Saint Laurent

Best known for his clothing brand, Yves Saint Laurent has transformed the fashion world and re-imagined stereotypes whem it comes to women garments. Not so different, the brand was once again successful in their shoe line, with incredible designs, they have won the hearts of many of us!

The most notorious launch was the “YSL” high heel of the Opyum Boot line, which replaced that usual heel with the brand's initials. It shocked some with the creativity and you will be sure to see it on the feet of the most elegant women.

- Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is a mix of elegance and there is no woman in this world who can resist a good pair of shoes. It conquered its space on the red carpet and in the heart of the most famous women. With Swarovski crystals applications, textures in silk and crocodile leather. The beauty of their high heels is undeniable and is in perfect sync with our leather collection.

- Giuseppe Zanotti 

The true “muse” and poster boy for Bleenk, Giuseppe Zanotti's high heels are a symbol of glamor and audacity. Also present on the red carpet, they are famous for  jewelry appliques, these high heels end up becoming valuable masterpieces.

- Amina Muaddi

The latest, but newest on this list, Amina Muaddi arrived to the world of high heels to destroy the whole heel concept. With super bold and geometric designs, she gained notoriety for the beauty of the unusual. With many bright colors and textures, Amina is famous for the “flare” concept that she give to high heels.

All of the above have their website and online store so you can fill that stiletto shape whole in your heart! As usual, to protect all these gems, Bleenk has its online store fully available and with open arms to welcome you!

For some women, buying one of these high heels can be a once in a lifetime shopping spree, but Bleenks... you can buy as many as your heart desires!

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