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Bleenk your wedding day!

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Bleenk your wedding day!

The wedding day, something that so many of us have dreamed of since childhood, the big day! Of course, always with the mother's heels and some white sheet. At the time, Bleenk was missing from your moms high heels, but today there is no excuse for that!

Lace, no lace, 30 different table arrangements, tasted 10 cake samples and rearranged places 20 times so everyone is happy?!

In addition to the whole event, we chose dress, jewelry, hair, shoes and for heel lovers, Bleenk of course!… We turn into princesses for moments that remain in our memories all our lives. As tiring as the day can be, and it will be, we prepare everything to the smallest detail and surround ourselves with the closest and dearest people, those with whom we want to share that day and love.

They are special people and that is why on D-Day, or we should say before W-Day ... we want them to be around and to take a memento, of the memories they provide us on that day. The souvenirs for the guests are a gesture of appreciation, affection and sharing. A thank you, which, being nothing special, always generates some curiosity and nowadays there is something for everyone, from objects to consumables, small plants to grow or even seeds for a DIY project.

Bleenk gives you with some suggestions for those who are approaching the big day and for those who like to dream about it.

One of the most popular choices are consumables, they are often easier and cheaper to arrange in quantity and guests can really appreciate and use them. The options are multiple, sweets, muffins, bath salts, essential oils, liquors, spices ... everything your imagination allows can result with the right phrase and the ideal wrapping!

There are a multitude of options, which can be customized with specific messages and even images. Candles are a good intermediate option, consumable but elegant and can be easily customized.

But there are others and these may not make sense to all guests at large weddings, but rather be a special touch to thank key people, bridesmaids and groomsmen and parents of the bride and groom.

Here is the time to play, to give something small but more personal. Find more private moments in your day to spend time with people who make it special.

For the groom for example, mugs and glasses are always something to keep and that is useful at the same time, gather the godparents, groomsmen and close friends and toast to your special day with glasses specially prepared for that moment, with inscriptions of phrases, date, names ... options are endless.

For our Bleenkers brides, if your bridesmaids were tireless, they pampered you and prepared everything, robe, t-shirts, party and unforgettable laughs you can repay with Bleenks. Bleenk is a heel protector that doubles as an accessory, a classic and essential for any heel lover. Gather  your bridesmaids and friends before the ceremony, they will certainly be wearing high heels so put on your Bride Bleenks and offer them personalized Bleenks, with their names or the colour of their dresses.

Have fun, enjoy the day that goes by so fast, everyone is there for you, in their best outfits and of course, high heels with Bleenk!

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