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Cinderela 24/7

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Cinderela 24/7

Tips for wearing high heels 

It is undeniable the elegance high heels add to any outfit. If wearing them for a few hours brings promises of pain, wearing them all day might be unthinkable for some woman. We know our Bleenkers are the resilient woman who wear high heels frequently, so we at Bleenk compiled some tips to make it easier!

Let’s start with something that might sound simple but it is really a life saver. Ballerinas and flat shoes. Keep them close! Ballerinas are practical, small and easy to carry.

Save the heels for meetings, arriving at your work place, dates…wearing high heels doesn’t mean you have to wear them all day long. When you are behind your desk, while driving or at the supermarket switch the high heels for some flat shoes and give your feet some rest. The use of heels in short periods will allow you to gradually bear them for longer, it makes life easier without sacrificing style.

Our next tip comes directly from the red carpet! We all know the pleasure of finding high heels that we love and fit like a glove, just as if they were made especially for you like a Cinderela from modern times.

Nevertheless, trying a pair of high heels at a store is quite different from having them on all day or even for several hours at an event. Have you ever seen the Oscars and thought “how on earth do these woman do it?!” from the red carpet until the end of the ceremony and sometimes even two different pairs on the same night, since most of them change outfits for the after parties. Well, they wear a size up! This is especially important if you know you will have to wear your high heels and won’t have the time to break them in beforehand. 

Buying a slightly larger size will not only allow more space to a more comfortable movement but also give them room to swell, something very common when woman wear high heels for a long period of time. If they are still too big there are several options of pads, some of them specialized on preventing friction and blisters, a two in one solution that will prevent you from losing your heels, after all, we all want to be the Cinderela from the ball, not from the stairway.

In case by the end of the day you are not only the Cinderela but also your very own personal Chauffer, don’t drive in high heels. Many women have mastered the ability to drive while wearing high heels while for others it is a struggle. Remember when we talked about flat shoes and ballerinas? Well, this is the time for them. Keep a pair in your car, save both your feet and your heels from possible damage. If you belong to the group who mastered the technique, wear a Bleenk, like that you make sure your high heels are protected. Because worse than losing an high heel, only breaking or damaging an high heel.

Follow these tips and you will see that gradually you will be wearing high heels for longer and longer and when you notice it, you will already be a 24h Cinderela, 7 days a week. With Bleenk on your high heels of course, it doesn’t make sense any other way!

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