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High Heels or Sneakers?

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High Heels or Sneakers?!

Would you say you have more high heels or sneakers?

Both are essential to any woman and serve very different occasions. At our end, high heels are a well known love affair, always with their favourite partner, the Bleenk.

Sneakers are super practical and comfortable, giving you more mobility. Nowadays, the sneakers are no longer a symbol of sports and the brands are investing more and more on casual models that fit streetwear and the everyday life of people and go with almost any kind of clothes – let’s not forget some sneakers have been worn on special events and red carpets all over the world.

Besides the big names like Nike and Adidas, Fila have been releasing a lot of these types of models. New Balance is a huge proof of this trend, a company that started by making orthopaedic pads – which explains the name - and today is one of the well known brands of sneakers for daily use with different styles.

On their side high heels, whatever brand they might be, by the nature of their design add elegance and power that is undeniable and hardly compared to whatever a sneaker can bring to the table. More uncomfortable? Maybe, but they don’t have to be, we talked about it here.

High heels are beautiful and elegant, the frustration of not being able to wear them all day long is huge. Sneakers might be just your style and there are so many new models now, but there are moments where you miss that extra, that special touch and empowerment an high heel can bring. So when it comes the time to choose what to put on, it might be a though one!

Designs, colours and accessories, for both high heels and sneakers are immense and exist in a variety of colours, material, prices, etc. Today a shoe isn’t just a shoe anymore but an expression of the self that goes beyond the object design in itself. At Bleenk, for example, we prioritized the integrity of the stiletto design and approached the question with a variety of colours and textures.

Choosing between high heels or sneakers is as much about your day and what you have to do as it is about what you are going to wear. When choosing, keep in mind what you need to get done that day, what you want to define you, what clothes will you be wearing and what impression you want to cause. Afterall, what we wear is an expression of ourselves, from the Bleenks on your high heels to the laces on your sneakers, what matter is that you feel good about yourself.

We all have days that we come across as sneaker heads and days as high heel lovers. Possibly, we even have days where we need to wear sneakers but in our head we are on heels and vice-versa.

When putting your shoes on, high heels or sneakers, the confidence with you wear them must serve for both of them, the power and strength are the same and the personality, your own.

If you really must choose a “team”... for some woman it is an easy decision, for others not so much. Which one of them can’t you go without? Count how many high heels and sneakers you have, if by the end of it it’s a tie... well, you might as well declare yourself a shoe lover!

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