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Slip into those heels!

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Slip into those heels!

Bleenkers, we need to vent, the other day we saw a publication that said "my shoes must think I died", true right?! We have heels in the closet, and new Bleenks to wear and for us at Bleenk at least that statement feels like true ... and the worst thing, we can’t live without them.

When you spend a lot of time in the house there is no longer such a thing as a beautiful slipper no matter the colour, pattern or material... a high heel is a high heel! Not long ago slippers with vibrant colours and no heels made their way into the street, today, at home we long to wear the heels that have not been out and about on our feet lately.

So, sit back and come with us on a trip through the glamorous silk pajamas (even if it is from primark), eye masks and above all, this magnificent thing that are the hybrid high heels that can be slippers with high heels or high heels with slippers!

Summary: chic slippers, the good stuff, with and without heels, with one you can still go take the trash out and with others you can still walk around the house.

Welcome to the world of high-heeled slippers!

Since we are talking about style while at home, can someone get us the earplugs that Audrey Hepburns wears at Breakfast at Tiffany's, because those are some stylish earplugs!

Back on topic, Marilyn sets the tone. Fur, plush, blings and fru-fru are the most common and we can find something with an affordable and vintage design, like Victoria Secrets – wich are more like the ones to wear at home but you can still run some kick errands outside - or even luxury designers like Celine – which are more the ones you wear out but can definitely go with your pajamas.

These comfort shoes are special pieces, and we all know we will not wear them every day, nonetheless they are fun elegant, even extravagant at times, pieces to have for some special occasions at home and often even add some bold colours and designs to the closet. As heel lovers they are a temptation, strong statement pieces, full of brightness and femininity saved for intimate and private spaces, but not only. There are extravagant and simple, like plush of all as cores, with and without heels, in velvet or satin, with glitter and diamonds.


With or without heels, the renewed popularity of mules also helped our case. In the last two years they have become essential pieces, completely flat or with kitty heels, mules give us further proof of this transition between comfort shoes to wear inside and outside the home. And if you do ask yourself, the Bleenks that you have at home or that you are thinking of buying also fit in these lower and more comfortable heels! There is no excuse for not making that kitty heel in the closet more appealing and personalized.

In a silk robe or jeans, full of colour or black tone, treat yourself, look for comfort and elegance even if it is just to stay at home!

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